So today I made a much overdue visit, to an old friend! Not so long ago, these visits were like a ritual. I would go every other Friday, rain or shine…come hell or high water, my truck got a good top to bottom, inside & out cleaning. What can I say, the three of us were close!

So after cleaning inside and out, I get out to inspect as usual and I notice a couple of things. First, two new scratches on the passenger side doors. Ok, I am irritated, but they can be buffed out. Then I find two new dings on the same side. Of course this is from people being lazy and inconsiderate when getting out of their vehicles. This really pisses me off, let me just tell you. I always park as far away from everything as possible, just so people won’t be near it. Hell, just ask my passengers. Well, then I see SO CLEARLY, the scratches and dent in my hood. These scratches and dent were caused a couple of weeks ago, while we were driving through the French Quarter to make the Fruit Loop (a drive by the Bourbon Pub at St. Ann & Bourbon). This dumb ass little boy (someone who we had just met a weekend before) decided to run out & jump on it. I must admit that I have neglected that special relationship a little since moving to New Orleans, but a dirty truck does not scream come put your feet on me and dance around until you scratch and dent my beautiful and expensive paint! 

I have a very special relationship with my truck. This was the first “new” truck I had ever bought, not to mention this was my dream truck growing up. Plus, this was the first vehicle that I had been proud of since the only other vehicle I had ever loved was taken from me at no fault of my own. This truck is a symbol of my coming out of a very tragic time in my life. When I got to the point where I could afford to get “My Truck”, I knew that I had left so much of all that behind. It might seem silly to some but on that day, when I bought the truck, it was the happiest and most proud, day of my life.

Well this post was intended to be a rant of my driving & parking pet peeves, but it turned into this…go figure. Well, I’ll give you a good rant anyway. I’ll make it short & sweet. Use your blinkers! If I am moving faster than you, get out of the fast lane! If you can’t drive properly & speak on the phone, do one or the other! WHEN YOU PARK, PUT IT BETWEEN THE LINES EVENLY AND KEEP YOUR DOORS OFF MINE! I mean really people, it’s so easy to be curious of others. Do you like to wait on people? I don’t either, so get out of my way. Do you like to see your vehicle, damaged and destroyed by others when you work very hard for the $$$ you spend on it? I don’t either, so pay attention! I’ve never kicked anyones door in, but I sure have thought about it…what, just sayin.

Is it really that hard?

See those lines, Is it really that hard?

Slow Poke

Slow Poke, Get out of my way!!


My partner has always teased that he was getting me a ticket book, to write everyone tickets when they did things I didn’t like. I have always welcomed that book, but I am still waiting. To be honest, I use to really have a problem with my anger about these things but it is MUCH better these days. I just wanted to vent for a moment and hopefully educate those that “never notice” in a way that hopefully made you laugh. Just know, you’ve been warned…