I thought it only appropriate to discuss the things that I am thankful for since it is Thanksgiving and all, but it’s all to easy to sit back and list a few of the infinite number of things that I have to be thankful for. So, I decided to keep it simple.

So my partner’s family always does a big ta-do about everything. I big ta-do you better be present for. If you are for some reason absent, you better have a doctor’s excuse in hand when you do show your face next, and it better be before the next ta-do. I grew up very different from this, so it took a little getting use to but it is something I have really come to enjoy and appreciate…most of the time.

So, they are Cajun, creole, southern, and crazy about their food and they way they prepare things. So it’s my first Thanksgiving with the new family and they had prepared dressing as most families do. Well this dressing was so dark it was purple. So of course I asked why. They informed me that they used chicken hearts, gizzards, and oysters. I almost fell out and then retreated. Of course I am very outspoken and for the most part they all tend to be slightly more reserved, especially since I had only been dating their son for about 2 months. When I neglected to fill my plate with their prize dressing, they asked why. I explained I could not eat that, it was purple…the entire house gasped and then fell to the floor in shock. It was like I had spit in each of their plates. I thought to myself, you really screwed that up. We finished out the day and headed home.

Christmas rolls around and I purposely avoided the kitchen this go-round, until it was time to eat of course. As I make my rounds, good ol mom is standing there with a small casserole dish filled with normal colored dressing. She says to me, “you may not enjoy our dressing but we enjoy you, so we made you your own special dressing, still done our way, minus the purple.” From that meal on, I’ve always have my own, special dressing waiting just for me.

The purple dressing...

My own special dressing...